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1000km Bike Ride

It’s the 25 June 2019 15:00 hours, Körner Hellweg 42 Wirtshaus Gobbrecht Chris Farrel and Alan Carter both members of the Rheindahlen Branch arrive from Münster, the temperature was about 35° a very hot day.They have cycled from Berlin starting on the 13 June 2019 and visited every branch on the way and now they are here in Dortmund.The Dortmund Branch welcoming committee consisting of Dominic Flynn, Eva Janek, Phillip Mussard and Michael Zambra gave them a warm welcome, and the two were given first what they needed, a cold beer.After the beer they were served an “English Breakfast” prepared by Dominic which went down very well.Up to about 18:00 hrs. we chatted about their experiences on the way, and our life in Dortmund, drunk cool drinks and all in all had a very enjoyable afternoon.About 18:00 Chris and Dave decided all they needed was a shower and a rest,The accommodation was booked in a youth hostel in the town so off they rode for a well-earned rest.Next morning just before 08:00 hrs. we said our good byes and wished them a safe journey.I think I should add that the two are not young lads they are both 72 years old.(continues on page 2)

The Royal British Legion Dortmund Branch e.V.